Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for the Stories.

This blog will feature stories aimed at terrifying and entertaining people of all ages. The end goal is an October Festival, where storytellers engage groups on small boats, floating on a dark river that flows through a darker wood.

But first, the stories.

You should know we deeply respect your creative rights. Anything posted here will be yours and yours alone; this will simply be a posting board for new and upcoming fiction. A panel of writers will select submitted stories to post here and, later, to be performed. We would also like to keep open the possibility of future, more formal, publications.

If you a looking to submit your story, please see our submission guidelines here:

Submissions may be emailed to amurderofstories{at}

Stories should be performance length (1,250-2,500 words), have an air of October, and be appropriate for all ages. We hope to find new villains, spooks, and monsters to add to the haunted harvest season. It's such a evocable time of year, we hope to add to it and bring with us young minds whose options for fright are limited to violent and gory movies--nothing is as powerful as a well-told story.

Thank you,
~A Murder of Crows

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